Our Identity – who we are

EPC is a Non-Government Organization based in Phnom Penh that is dedicated to empowering young Cambodians with disabilities through education and vocational training, leading to employment and independence.

Our Vision - for change

An Inclusive community where children and youth with disabilities gain access to education, vocational training and employment in order to achieve their full potential and live with a sense of dignity and self-worth in the community.

Our Mission - what we do

To assist and support young people with disabilities to gain access to education including tertiary level or access vocational skills training, leading to an income through employment or self-employment.

Why $1 Foundation is established

The foundation aims to support:

  • Support children and young people with disabilities to gain access to school at their home community
  • Provide school material, accessible mean, wheelchair, bikes, school uniform, etc.
  • School ramp is needed
  • Inclusive environment

Want to become a member?

Members take responsibilities to

  • Pay $US1 every month on the 30th each month,
  • Networking and invite his/ her friends to be the members,
  • Attend the meeting once a year in November

Members receive the certificate of appreciation and his/her name is published on the pages and social media of EPC.

Responsibility of EPC

EPC takes the following responsibilities:

  • Manage the fund to be used
  • Provide regular 6 -month report to the members on achievement , challenges and way forwards,
  • Update the members the monthly activities and appealing the invitation of participation of the members to attend the monthly activities,
  • Provide certificate of appreciate yearly,
  • Conduct annual member meeting in November,
  • Collect contribution fee each month and issue the receipt.


Via Wing Agent

Pay into our Wing account:
Account Name:Essential Personnel Cambodia
Account Number:01949858

Or send $1 to EPC’s mobile phone number: 012324548
(Every payment via Wing costs $0.50)

Call Us
You can also call us (012 32 45 48) to collect your contribution.

All payment is receivable with receipt to acknowledge your contribution.
EPC support young people with disabilities to recognize their rights to support the society by his/ her capacity.

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